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Monte Jade New England Annual Conference – Cambridge, MA, 10/4/2014
The 2014 Monte Jade New England Annual Conference will take place at Microsoft New England R&D in Cambridge MA on Oct 4 2014 The theme is " Mass Customized Healthcare: Crowdsourcing, Personalized Medicine and Predictive Analytics”   Saturday, Oct 04, 2014 10:00 to 5:00 pm Microsoft NERD, One Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA Fee: US$20 for Monte Jade members and affiliates Agenda, tentative, can be downloaded here: 2014 MJNE Annual Meeting Agenda Monte Jade [...]
ASQ509 SIG – Hearing Loss Prevention and Modern Hearing Aids Technology – Rockville – 9/25/2014
The topic for this SIG event is “Hearing Loss Prevention and Modern Hearing Aids Technology” which will be presented by Wendy Shiau, PhD, CCC-A, Audiologist, WS Audiology Services, Inc. “Everyone needs to hear well!  Whether it's for safety reasons, relationships, or to do your best at work or school, good hearing is essential.   Our speaker will focus on hearing loss prevention and modern hearing aids technology.  The following specifics will be [...]
ASQ509 SIG – Nanomedicine: Improving Current Cancer Therapies, Rockville, MD – 9/17/14
The topic for this SIG event is “Nanomedicine: Improving Current Cancer Therapies” which will be presented by Esther H. Chang, PhD, Professor, Dept. Oncology and Otolaryngology, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University, and Founder and Senior Consultant, SynerGene Therapeutics Inc. “A tumor-targeting nanodelivery system has been developed comprising a self-assembled, biodegradable, cationic liposomal nanoparticle, which bears targeting molecules that home to receptors (such as the transferrin receptor) on the surface of tumor [...]
FounderCorps’ Coffee & Donut networking series with speaker Jim Cheng, Arlington, VA – 09/17/14
Join us for FounderCorps' Coffee & Donuts speaker series at Arlington Economic Development. This month it's Jim Cheng, a serial entrepreneur, FC member, former MJDC Chairmant and most recently Secretary of Commerce and Trade for Virginia. If that is not enough of an incentive to attend, you can also be part of a studio audience. The program is being recorded by WJLA for broadcast on Washington Business Report on September 28th. We [...]
NIH SBIR/STTR Proposal Prep Workshop, Charlottesville, 9/16-18/2014
Join Stephen Chen for a special three day NIH SBIR/STTR workshop delivered in three half-day sessions, with each session delivered twice each day to accommodate busy schedules. You pick which times you attend! Especially ideal for university PosDocs, graduate students, and entrepreneurial researchers. Open to small tech firms as well! Sept. 16 NIH SBIR/STTR Proposal Planning; Sept. 17 NIH SBIR/STTR Proposal Prep; Sept. 18 NIH SBIR/STTR Budgeting & Commercialization Plans. Special Lunch [...]
ASQ509 Biomed/Biotech SIG – Anthropogenic Global Warming, 8/20/14
Please join us for our 8/20/14 evening SIG event (this coming Wednesday) at Rockville, MD.  The topic for this SIG event is “Anthropogenic Global Warming – A Hoax or Inconvenient Truth?” which will be presented by James Whang, PhD, PE, Co-Founder & Former Chairman/President, AEPLOG, Inc.; Founder, Chairman & President, AEPCO, Inc. (sold in 2007); and Founder & Chairman, 3e Technologies International (3eTI; sold in 2006).    “In this presentation, the speaker [...]
NOVA Wee Dram, Falls Church, 7/30/2014
NOVA Wee Dram, Falls Church, 7/30/2014
On behalf of Marty Fletcher, Managing Partner of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, and Philip Niedermair, Managing Director of Strategic Alliances, please join us for a Wee Dram (Scottish for a small drink) this month! Bring your best guests and clients to enjoy a happy hour bar, complimentary appetizers and great company! NOVA Wee Dram - With Special Partner Monte Jade DC Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Time: 6 pm Location: Fairview Park [...]
ASQ509 SIG – Effectively Applying Sequencing Technology for Translational Cancer Research, Rockville, 6/26/2014
The topic for this SIG event is “Effectively Applying Sequencing Technology for Translational Cancer Research,” which will be presented by Dr. Wenming Xiao, Staff Scientist, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, US NIH. “Rapid evolving of sequencing technology not only increases the throughputs, simplifies sample processing, and lowers assay cost, but also makes variety of applications readily available for research community.  The advance of this technology enables us to perform large [...]
ASQ509 SIG – Patent Overview and Patent Cooperation Treaty, Rockville, 6/12/14
The topic for this SIG event is “Patent Overview and Patent Cooperation Treaty,” which will be presented by Dr. Lynn Bristol, Primary Patent Examiner, US Patent and Trademark Office. This presentation will cover the basics of US patent law, pre-AIA and AIA coverage for novelty (35 USC 102), the US patent examination process, business considerations in filing patents in US, PCT practice, business considerations in filing patents overseas, strategies for overseas filing, [...]
Local Contracting Opportunities, Gaithersburg, MD – June 11, 2014
Join us for a fantastic opportunity to explore a new source of business opportunities. The APA Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present this event, a discussion about doing business with the University of Maryland Medical System(UMMS), as part of its mission to help Asian American and Pacific Islanders increase its business presence in all sectors of our area. UMMS is a system of hospitals and medical facilities that does about $2 [...]
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